Rachel got me a new iPhone 3G for my birthday, so I unlocked my old* iPhone using WinPWN and gave it to her. WinPWN also installed Cydia, which is basically Debian apt for the iPhone. So now I have a crippled, locked down iPhone, and Rachel has one with a complete Unix toolkit, reworked BSD subsystem, and access to a huge library of free open-source games and utilities. But hey, mine’s still faster. 😛

* My old iPhone wasn’t that old. I took it to the Apple store two weeks ago and complained about some bubble defects in the screen. They gave me a new one on the spot. Yay!

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Get Rich Slowly

One of my daily reads is the Get Rich Slowly blog.

Here’s a gem from the site:

Building wealth is like building a house. The first step is to lay a foundation upon which the secure home of financial independence can be constructed. To prepare to build wealth, you must

* eliminate debt
* reduce spending
* increase earnings

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Zippy is a Mac SE/30 webserver. Take a close look at the screen — it’s a constantly-updated picture of the http logs from this little webserver.

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