I’ve been using Flock for a few days, and I’m really impressed. I’ve not been a big user of del.icio.us, but I really like the Flock integration. I think my favorite feature so far is the indexed browsing history, which is a real time-saver when doing research.

I’m posting this using the Flock Blogging toolbar, and it’s very elegant, and works very well with WordPress.

Flock has integrated RSS feeds, but since I use Bloglines exclusively, I don’t see much of a point in having my feeds tied to a single browser — especially since I browse from any of five different computers at any given time.

Some users have complained that Flock is slow or CPU-intensive, but I’ve not noticed any of those issues so far. The only problem I noticed was that my Mighty Mouse decided to not scroll down, but that could just be me.

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