More OSX goodies

GeekTool is a nice little prefpane applet that lets you display time-refreshed unix command outputs or Internet-based images on your desktop.

MenuMeters is a great set of system monitoring tools for OSX, displaying CPU, network, and disk utilization in the top menu bar. Sadly, menu real estate is pretty small on my iBook, so I only use it on my G4.

I tried out Bloglines with the OSX notifier, and was less than impressed. I like the persistency of a web-based aggregator, but I hate pretty much everything else. Bloglines doesn’t support importing from OPML, which makes setup a pain, and browsing via a standalone app like NewsFire is much faster [especially if you use keyboard shortcuts].

One Response to More OSX goodies

  1. David S says:

    I don’t know if this will change your mind about Bloglines, but you actually can import OPML. If you go to Edit, at the very bottom of the list of subscriptions is import and export OPML.

    The main reason I’ve switched to Bloglines is because I can access from work (Windows) and home (Mac). Once NetNewsWire and others get Bloglines synchronization working, I’ll probably go back to an aggregator app.